Free Web Hosting That Is Designed To Give You More.

How we differ from the competition:
Most web hosting companies will charge high premiums, regardless your budget and basic needs. We believe that self-expression is priceless. As a result, our service is offered primarily at no cost. Several companies have associated high profit schemes with practically any product or service they offer, taking more away from you at the end of the day. We want to serve a higher purpose, and give something back to the world. Our web hosting service gives you the freedom to amplify your voice to the world at large, without having to pay anything.

What is web hosting and how can I benefit from this service:
Web hosting provides people the ability to create sites on the internet that are accessible from anywhere across the globe.  We provide promotion services for our users at no cost, which can ultimately bring traffic to their websites.  Users are able to keep track of site visits to see how many people have been attracted to their content.  They can also feature forms for visitors to fill out their information, and maintain member areas on their sites.  All file types are allowed with the exception of CGI and PERL for security reasons.  (A central PHP program can be posted to by your forms, where you can configure which options or features of the post you will be using.  ie: form mail, add an individual to your site's member area.)  PHP support is available with the upgrade option that will be presented as a low one-time fee.

  Free 50 MB storage for lifetime!
  Transfer bandwidth at 1 GB per month included at no cost
  Free tools for your website, including form processing and code snippets
  Site statistics and backups for free with every package
  Listen to free streaming music while you construct your website!
  Low cost hosting plans also available with higher features



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